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Why yoga course
at Club Yoga i Priateli
Preparation for class
Recommendations & Etiquette

Recommendations & Etiquette

Cleanliness for all yoga practitioners:

1. Shoes are to be taken off at the door or immediately after the entrance door.

2. In the studio everyone enters wearing socks, which are specially brought for participation in the activities, in order to preserve cleanliness for all yoga practitioners. It is good to bring a cloth, which you put on the mat in the hall.

Peace and quiet for the rest of the practitioners:

3. Keeping the peace and quiet is important for the students at the club.

4. Mobile phones must be left outside of the hall. It is also good to be on Silent mode and with the vibration switched off, if the latter can also interrupt the silence during a yoga class.

Sufficient place for the belongings of all practitioners:

5. Personal handbags/purses with valuables are put in the cabins with locks in such a manner, that the cabins can fit more belongings. Big bags must be put on the shelves.

6. Forgotten items are kept 1 week after they have been left behind.

Intellectual property:

7. Audio and/or video recording by participants is not allowed.

Good name and high quality of the offerings of the club:

8. Promotion, proliferation, offering of any goods, services and activities outside those of Club “Yoga I Priateli” is possible solely after a permission given by the owner of “Yoga.BG” EOOD in advance.

Continuance of the successful operation of the club:

9. Lists with contact information of participants in activities of Club “Yoga I Priateli” can be made solely by the organizers of the activities.

Safety of attending people and seamless flow of the classes:

10. Club “Yoga I Priateli” reserves the right to reject participation in the activities of people, for whom the club deems their presence in the studio presents a risk for themselves or the rest of the people.

11. People under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, as well as people with contagious diseases, people who do not keep the order and the rules in the studio, and people who cause strong discomfort for the rest of the participants or the personnel, are not allowed in the studio.

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