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Why yoga course
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1. How can one sign up?

Signing up is done by payment of the fee or in exceptional cases a retainer. Please choose first and second choice of a group from the schedule so that in case one of them does not start you can join the other one.

2. May I bring a friend?

Yes, of course. But it is IMPORTANT to call us in advance so we can determine what experience in yoga your friend has and whether there is an appropriate group for her/him at the moment.

3. May I use discounted prices?

Yes. Usually courses and other events have discounted prices for early bird enrolment. Besides that, one can acquire a club card for 50 leva, which provides constant considerable discounts for a period of 365 days from the date of its purchase. The card belongs to one owner only. We also have 30% Welcome discount for a new student and sometimes 30% Welcome Back discount for a person who did not come or did not use reduced prices during the past one year period.

For more information see the price list and follow the concrete activities.

4. May I compensate a yoga class that I missed?

Considering the string of classes in one course are systematized and there is gradual progression, it is in your favor not to miss any class. In any case if that happens, it is acceptable to compensate up to two missed classes from a course in case:

• the course, which you signed up for has not already finished;

• there are available places in the group you choose; and

• the compensation is in a course, which you have completed in the past, or in a type of course, which you attend at the moment.

For example, if you are in course – Level 2 and you miss Lesson 6, until your course has not finished you may compensate the class in any existing group Level 1 or group Level 2 – Lesson 6, if there is available place in them.

5. May I take a paid fee back?

Yes, you can do that up to 5 working days before the start of the activity or in case an activity did not take place on the announced day and time by fault of the club.

6. What is a mini course?

The mini course is 1/3 of a course-level and comprises of the first 4, second 4 or the last 4 lessons of every course-level. They are called „А“ (the first 4 lessons), followed by „B“ and finally „C“.

7. How should I prepare for a yoga class?

Check here.

8. Should I take a shower after a yoga class?

It is not recommended to have a shower up to an hour after the class in order to keep the energy gained during the practice inside yourself.