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Students About Us

(translated from Bulgarian)

"Hello, Tania and Viktor!

I want to thank you for the wonderful time at the yoga retreat in Greece.

Aside from your constant engagement during the whole trip, it was obvious that you also put lots of efforts for planning and organization in advance. I admire your enthusiasm and dedication. They are “contagious” :) Thanks to you I had the opportunity to meet new people and to learn more not only about yoga, but for myself.

Wishing you a sunny day!




"I use the opportunity to express my admiration from the teachers – Dani, with whom we meet on Saturday, is very kind and with very nice approach towards us! I was once with Tatiana Atanassova, too, and I am delighted! I am happy that I am among you. I will continue attending the courses with pleasure! I wish you nice and sunny days again,



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