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Our mission

Club Yoga I Priateli works for the contemporary man in Bulgaria. People come to us to increase the efficiency of their mind, to uplift their spirit and make their body more beautiful and healthy. They look for a retreat from the mundane at least for a moment, develop at a comfortable pace and with the help of an individual teaching approach, and last but not least they insist for the method for attainment of physical and psychological health to be scientifically proven and easy to apply in today’s contemporary conditions. To them Club Yoga I Priateli provides the opportunity for meeting and friendship with people, who are positive and with a friendly attitude. For the companies, institutions and non-governmental sector we offer classes, which improve the tonicity of people and their working atmosphere.

We practice and believe in the step-by-step approach to the introduction and development in the practices of yoga for holistic improvement and balance in every person. Its benefits are most numerous and sensible when attending courses, and that is the reason them being our primary service. In addition Club Yoga I Priateli reckons important the building of a social network, which it feeds with information about seminars, lectures, literature and items for improvement of the life quality through yoga.

Our club is at the disposal of people living in Bulgaria – first in Sofia, and later in other places in the country.

To ensure high professionalism and competency, our teacher regularly attend yoga seminars and trainings by lectors from the international yoga scene. Nonetheless, because we believe professionalism in yoga is not all, we try our friends – the students, to feel the individual attention directed at them. Finally, we are first and foremost humans.

In our activities we follow the Satyananda yoga tradition, presented in an inobtusive manner, as well as the ethical and healthy business affinity. Profit is not and will not be the most important for us, but we do not hide, we expend ourselves to the fullest and we live from it. Like everything else, there must be a balance here, too.

At Club Yoga I Priateli we try secure a complex of highly professional training in yoga, pleasant atmosphere, and our most important advantage – individual attention and attitude towards our student.

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