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Club Cards


The idea for club cards came in February 2013 in a moment when we needed support for setting up a nice and cozy new place for yoga for all of us (due to moving out from the old hall on 15, Exarh Yosif Street, which we used hourly 3 days per week). And together we succeeded making this important step in the development of the club. We created a pure and wonderful home, filled with beauty and positive energy. The existing limitations for time and space were removed, and many new opportunities presented themselves before all of you, friends of yoga.

On the other hand we were looking for ways for you to feel the maximum benefits of yoga and to maintain the good effects by regular practices; to help you be more persistent and motivated in your practice, and that is with ease. At the same time we wanted to thank you for choosing us, to make you special and feel a part of the activities and ideas for the club development. In order to show you we appreciate your support, we introduced various forms of special conditions and discounts for the owners of club cards. However, that is not their goal.

The goal of the club cards is to support the existence, ongoing operation and betterment of our yoga home (especially in the hard periods when attendance is lower and during winter seasons with needs for heating), as well as to stimulate the active participation in the life of the club.

That is why issueance of a club card is possible for all willing people for a fee of 50 BGN, and for renewal of the cards, which expire in 2016 and later, it will be necessary for you to have participated in the previous 1-year period of validity in other activities of the club, which are different from yoga courses, e.g. lectures, seminars, retreats, charitable and free events, help for preparation and organization of events, translation of materials from English or other karma or seva yoga.

(The renewal of the existing club cards, which expire in 2015 is possible for all people for a fee of 50 BGN without requiring previous activity and attendance.)

With the club card at Club Yoga I Priateli and your active participation in the life of the club you support the existence of our yoga community and home. Here you and the other people have the opportunity to take care of yourselves and to improve your life.

The club card offers you preferential conditions for participation in various activities of Club Yoga i Priateli within a period of 365 days. It is valid for the owner only and gives you:

• 50% discount, if you sign up for an additional yoga course-level, which takes place at the same time as another course-level you have already signed up for;

• 25% discount for: Yoga course-level and specialized courses (including meditation, yoga for pregnant women, etc.);

• 30% discount for: Yoga mini course, One-time yoga class, Kirtan mini course, One-time kirtan class, Yoga Nidra class and complete course Interactive Language Laboratory (if at the same time you participate in a complete course-level in yoga, kirtan or in ILL);

• Special prices for lectures, seminars, yoga weekends, vacations; and

• Other discounts up to 50%.

The discounts for club card owners apply for activities which end before the expiration date of the card.

The periods, when the above discounts apply, are stated in the concrete announcement of the courses. Please observe them.

See the complete price list and discounts HERE.