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What is yoga?

'Since ancient times yoga belongs to humanity. It is the most valuable treasure owned by people. The human being is comprised of body, mind and soul. To rule our body, to lead our mind, to find the great secrets of the soul and to reach an equilibrium between these three states of being – physical, mental and spiritual, that is yoga.

Yoga is the path that leads a man towards knowing himself. It helps a man to make his body healthy and strong, and free his organism from toxins and unwanted substances, which disturb its functioning.

Yoga brings a man before the mess in his mind and before the mistakes and complexes of his personality. It helps a man free oneself from the limited way of thinking and prejudices that society and the surrounding environment have inserted in one’s conscience. It leads a man towards one’s own center and helps to find oneself, to understand who one is in reality and what actually he wants from life.

Yoga is like a great ocean hiding a whole world at its bottom. It has many different aspects that help according to the needs and goals of the one who practices it. Literally the word yoga means union, the union of pure conscience and the individual conscience in man. But to reach this higher state of existence, one must start from the first step of the ladder.'

Paramahamsa Satyananda