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Tatiana Atanassova (sannyasin Atma Shuddhi)

Tania is the founder and main “creative energy” of Club Yoga I Priateli. She is a highly qualified teacher who successfully passed a 4-month long certification course at the yoga university Bihar Yoga Bharati (India). Tania practices integral yoga, mainly Satyananda yoga since 2003. She has multiple stays and trainings in ashrams in India and Greece, participated in scores of yoga seminars in Bulgaria and abroad, as well as in numerous yoga events, courses and lectures. She is a member of Bulgarian Ayurveda Association.

Tania excels with her tremendous dedication and warmth towards her students, as well as energy and flexibility not only in the body, but in the spirit, too. She has a non-standard, rich and extraordinary life experience, values purity in people, likes to help and talk to them. As a yoga teacher, she has a more kind than strict approach to every practitioner. The quality of the yoga programs are guaranteed by her drive for constant enhancement and improvement of the condition of her yoga students. And the teacher call she keeps from her parents. The rich professional experience and her education are in the field of information technologies.

Katia Deliradeva (jigyasu Kriya Vidya)

Katia practices yoga since 2002. Her journeys to India, the seminars, in which she participated and her yoga teacher, the changes she went through inspire her to share what she learned. She completed the 6-months long course “The Science of Yoga” and a 5-months long course in yoga for children by the European Satyananda Yoga Academy. To her yoga is a valuable gift, which helps us to live in the current moment and improve our quality of life, work more effectively, live more fully, accept ourselves and others, change our attitude to the outside world; and at the same time be positive and good. Her profession is a machine engineer, and her second profession is insurance.

Achyutananda (sannyasin Achyutananda)

Achyutananda is from the UK. He has dedicated more than 25 years to teaching and conducting courses and seminars around the world for a diversified audience in a wide variety of settings.

He is a disciple of Swami Satyananda (founder of the Bihar School of Yoga) and continues to visit India each year to study.

His teaching style conveys a depth and understanding of yoga that is accessible to all.

As an official Emissary of the Bihar School of Yoga he has taught in many different countries including:
Australia, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Iran, Italy, The Netherlands, Romania, Spain, UK

He is also a director of Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe.

Previous specialist teaching experience includes:
Yoga for the visually impaired, Drug rehabilitation centres, Men’s prisons, Classes for those living with HIV+

Additional Yoga related information:
• Emissary for Bihar School of Yoga, India;
• Founder member of European Yoga Fellowship;
• Founder member of European Yoga Research Fellowship;
• Manager for Yoga Magazine in Europe.

Daniela Georgieva (sannyasin Durga)

Daniela is a karma sannyasin in the Satyananda yoga tradition, certified yoga instructor by National Sports Academy (Bulgaria). In the period 2000 – 2006 she is a co-founder and program director of “Center for Pregnant Women” – Plovdiv. She leads trainings in “Yoga for Pregnant Women” and “Preparation for Giving Birth through Yoga” since 2007. Her efforts throughout these years has been directed entirely in this field. Daniela is one of the most experienced teachers in yoga for pregnant women and has taught many instructors dealing with prenatal yoga. She has a long record of participations in yoga courses, seminars and events in Bulgaria, Europe and India.

Maria Chenova (sannyasin Dharmajoti)


Kaloyan Georgiev (sannyasin Nataraja)


Viktor Emilov


Iliyan Konstantinov (sannysin Shivaprem)

Teaches in Bulgarian language

Galina Tosheva (sannyasin Shanti Devananda)

Teaches in Bulgarian language.

Aleksandra Vukasinovic (sannyasin Shaligram)


Diana Gancheva (sannyasin Devashakti)


Iva Delibasheva (Ida)