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Our story

Club Yoga I Priateli was found thanks to years of preparation and sincere will of Tatiana (Tania) Atanassova, and the support of Viktor Emilov. Being colleagues at an IT company, one day in 2011 they decided to dedicate themselves to something that helps people and at the same time gives them both the opportunity to develop their creative potential and professional skills.

Tania is the “soul” and primary “creative force” of the organization. Carrying the teacher profession as a legacy from both her parents and being an instructor, and later a sport center manager and an international referee in aerobics while still studying her higher education, she has a natural affinity and experience in the physical training of people. However, this all was left behind when she met yoga. The integral effect on body, mind and emotions strongly inspires Tania and yoga becomes her way of life since. Later yoga helps her overcome extraordinary life situations, where yoga proves to be the only appropriate and powerful means for balancing the physical, mental and spiritual planes. Thus in 2009 she receives a karma sannyasa initiation in the Satyananda yoga tradition in Bihar, India, from Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati.

Opening of Club Yoga I Priateli

On October 3rd, 2011 Club Yoga I Priateli organizes its first yoga course with only 6 students in a hall in the center of Sofia city. At the time, the place is used just 3 times per week in the evening. Nonetheless, 14 months later the students are already around 70 and the club has conducted four yoga vacations and one seminar with a guest-lecturer from abroad, representing big steps for a young club.

In March 2013 Club Yoga I Priateli moves in a wonderful new place in 13, Serdica Street, Sofia, which is used solely for the activities of the club this time. The moving becomes a reality thanks to a project financed by the European Union. In its new home the club develops its activities, includes other highly qualified and experienced teachers from the Satyananda yoga tradition. Currently the club organizes yoga courses in various levels, seminars, lectures, individual and corporate programs, yoga vacations and retreats, yoga for pregnant women, yoga for children, English language courses with the help of yogic techniques.

You can learn more about us and our activities in the other sections of our website, in Facebook or by calling us at +359(0)888 246 777 and coming to visit us. :)

See you soon!

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