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Why yoga course
at Club Yoga i Priateli
Preparation for class
Recommendations & Etiquette

Preparation for classes

Important for every yoga class is to consider the following:

• Do not consume hard food approximately 3-4 hours prior to a yoga class. Thus you will avoid feeling heaviness and discomfort in your stomach during the yoga practices;

• Bring along comfortable clothes, preferably out of natural cloth, loose enough not to be tight, and have an upper part of a training suit or any upper body garment for the relaxation practices, wheп the body relaxes and body temperature drops;

• Arrive approximately 15 minutes before the class starts to change clothes on time and attune to the forthcoming class;

• It is mandatory to bring along a pair of socks, which you wear only in the studio in order to preserve cleanliness and comfort for all people in our place of yoga. It is recommended to bring a towel, cloth or a bedsheet that you can put on our mat for personal hygiene reasons (this becomes obligatory if you want to practice with bear feet, as yoga recommends).

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