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Hello and welcome!

Reading these words we assume, you are thinking of making your first steps in yoga or you have already recently made them. Congratulations in either case! The path, which follows is easy and calm, and simultaneously can bring so many benefits. But what are they?

Through yoga you can:

• Improve your health and free yourself from pains and blockages in your body;

• Strengthen your immune system;

• Attain a nice and flexible body;

• Relax;

• Increase your endurance;

• Improve your tonus;

• Increase your vital energy;

• Become more positive;

• Attain inner harmony and peace;

• Free yourself from the toxins and uncleanliness in your body and the mind;

• Manage and control stress;

• Improve your sleep;

• Increase you concentration;

• Improve your work efficiency and effectiveness;

• Make your mind sharper and clearer;

• Make fast and correct decisions;

• Easily overcome the difficulties in life;

• Control your mind and thoughts;

• Control your emotions;

• Develop your intuition;

• Develop your creative potential;

• Increase your quality of living.

All nice things, right?! And yoga can really provide them. The aim of yoga is not to attain these benefits, but they come seamlessly with the regular and systematic delving into its practice.

But let us not rush. In any case you must first start. :)

And how to do it? It is by joining a course, which follows proven, effective and systematic yoga program, which is adapted to separate levels of experience in yoga, a program like the one in our club.

Why yoga course-level at Club “Yoga I Priateli”?

• With every lesson you get more and more – new knowledge and skills;

• You learn everything gradually, with a bit of theory presented in an easy and pleasant manner;

• Highly qualified teacher follows your development; s/he is informed about your health condition, needs and capabilities, and her/his instructions are thus accorded;

• You do not gasp for air while you are trying to catch up with the instructor or the more advanced practitioners, since the rest of the people in the course are at your level;

• Imperceptibly and with no strain you get a good tonus, energy, health, concentration, better and more agile memory, and many other benefits of yoga;

• Every time you get printed materials with images of the techniques taught, as well as instructions about their practicing. Thus you have the opportunity to practice at home, too, and to apply what you learnt in your life.

The yoga course is appropriate for you if you:

• only heard of the benefits of yoga, but never decided to try it so far;

• tried yoga, but something was missing for you to like it;

• practiced before, but you want to learn more, to fill the gaps and systematize your knowledge;

• just want to practice.

Why choose Club “Yoga I Priateli”?

• Highly-qualified and experienced teachers, who had trainings in the Bihar School of Yoga – India, and the European Satyananda Yoga Academy;

• Individual attitude towards every student;

• Proven and systematic yoga program for improvement of the quality of life;

• Super-communicative location near Underground stations “Serdika I & II”;

• Wonderful halls – quiet, clean and filled with coziness;

• Everything necessary for the comfortable practicing – mats, pillows and blankets.

And now what’s left is only to check for a forthcoming Course – Level 1 (beginners) in our schedule and join. :)